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The bird’s nature

Lifeseeker Project: mobile phone geolocation systems from aircrafts

Evolution engineers have spent millions of years transforming a fish for it to become a bird. Its chassis became increasingly lighter, although stronger. Furthermore, its body would have to deal with a greater heat generation due to high energy consumption and its feathers could not get soaked during flight. It took Darwin thousands of generations to calculate this, but at Promega, we have solved it at a strokefor our customer Centum, specialised in state-of-the-art communications technology for air rescue.

Promega is AS 9100 certified for the manufacture of aerospace equipment

The project involved manufacturing the housing of a mobile phone aerial geolocation equipment. The equipment, called Lifeseeker, is deployed in all kinds of aerial means, from helicopters and airplanes to drones. Thus, the qualities of the casing had to be extremely specific and precise. Taking the natural qualities of flying birds as a starting point, the casing had to be extremely light, so it could be transported on a drone. We had to find the balance between low weight and the necessary strength to operate safely. This element also had to have the capacity to dissipate the heat generated inside and, at the same time, maintain a perfectly airtight state to prevent the entry of water and hence operate in emergencies under any weather conditions.

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